A recent published meta-analysis of 16 cohort studies showed that high-level sperm DNA fragmentation has a detrimental effect on outcome of IVF/ICSI, with decreased pregnancy rate and increased miscarriage rate (Zhao et al, 2014).

CCRM Colorado is conducting a clinical research study of natural antioxidant therapy prior to infertility treatment for males with high sperm DNA fragmentation.

The aim of this study is to improve sperm DNA integrity with a 12 week supplementation of high natural antioxidant therapy in order to achieve equilibrium between antioxidants and reactive oxygen species.

Study Criteria

Patients must meet all of the requirements and be committed to participation in the IVF program at CCRM.

Male patients will also need to have:

• High sperm DNA fragmentation (≥16%)
• No other severe male factor infertility and sufficient sperm for ICSI
• Male patient must be willing to take the natural antioxidant supplement for 12 weeks prior to sperm collection on the day of oocyte retrieval

Additional screening will be conducted to determine if you are eligible to participate. Those who qualify and participate in the study will receive the exclusive natural antioxidant supplementation for a nominal fee. Regular IVF and CCS fees still apply.

For more information, call (303) 788-8300 and ask for Lindsey M., clinical research coordinator or email ovahealthstudy@colocrm.com.