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CCRM New York Patient Testimonials

One of our greatest rewards at CCRM is getting to know our patients and celebrating their successes. We personally invite you to read our patient testimonials below to find out how we’ve helped them achieve their dream of having a baby.

Amanda F. (Healthgrades review, posted 8/23/2018)

“We feel like it was a true blessing to have started working with Dr. Levine. After several failed IVF attempts at another clinic we traveled across the country to work with CCRM NYC. It was the best decision we could have made. Dr. Levine gave us hope that we had all but lost. He is incredibly efficient & helpful. More than that, he cares about his patients. Dr. Levine’s approach is based on the individual. We experienced excellent communication and amazing support in his care.”

Kim N. (yelp review, posted 7/18/2018)

“I have never written a Yelp review before, but my interaction with CCRM has been so phenomenal that I felt compelled to share my experience.

Following several unsuccessful cycles with another practice, I reached out to Dr. Sheeva Talebian. Her knowledge, compassion, empathy and genuine interest in me was incredible (she made me feel like her only patient and top priority). After our first interaction, I took comfort in knowing the experience would be positive regardless of the outcome. In addition, I can’t say enough about the organization and the team -the front desk, the nurses, the Doctors,  the lab and the billing department is a truly a family that loves what they do and it shows.

Thanks to the entire staff, after my first try at CCRM I am 8 months pregnant and know that I never would have gotten here without Dr. Sheeva Talebian.”

Leigh R. (yelp review, posted 3/20/2018)

I can’t say enough about the stellar service I received at CCRM NY …from the front desk the nurses and the every so important Doctors ( the amazing Dr. Talebian was my doctor) right down to the billing department this is a team who love what they do and it shows….Their attentive and concerned nature made me feel as if I was are their one and only patient.  I felt secure and confident that whatever the outcome or situation they would take of me and that the outcome would be positive….Thanks to the whole staff I am pregnant and expecting a baby! I wish I could stay with them though out my 9 months!!!!

Anonymous (Healthgrades review, posted 10/19/2017)

I came to Dr. Knopman when I was trying to get pregnant and I could not have had a better experience. She understood my timeline, she was incredibly responsive (responded to all my emails within 30 minutes), and was a pleasure to work with. She was easy to talk to and she definitely understood everything she was doing. I would give her 10 stars if I could! I ended up getting pregnant on the second cycle and she was so knowledgable and professional through every step of the process.

Nina L.(yelp review, posted 2/6/2018)

I am beyond happy CCRM is now in NYC! I don’t know where to begin. The staff is amazing. After 2 unsuccessful cycle with another facility I reached out to Dr Choi she is the best,  kind, compassionate and she take her time to listen and is very thorough which we loved. First try with her and here i am 12 weeks pregnant! Am so happy we have you in the infertility world. Xoxox.  *5 star rating is not enough*

Jacqueline R. (Yelp review, posted 7/24/2017)

I could not recommend Dr. Knopman and the entire staff at CCRM. Their approach is extraordinary.  I had previously tried 2 other clinics and both felt like a factory. But it was a whole different story with CCRM staff and Dr. Knopman. Everyone knew my name the second I entered their office. Their spa-like waiting room with snacks, relaxing music, coffee and tea provided such a comforting feeling during a very stressful time for me.

Most importantly I got pregnant with the first IVF Cycle. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Knopman. She was truly amazing; a true expert in her field, took her time explaining every single detail. I never felt rushed or like a number as I did at other clinics. It was so easy to reach her via phone calls and emails. Having a tight work schedule myself, I appreciated the fact that CCRM always took me in on time; that rarely happens in other practices.

Excellent patient care is CCRM’s top priority. Lab work and scans can be scheduled very early in the morning which worked out perfect for me since I had to be at work by 8 am. All the nurses knew me and were kept informed as to where I was in the process.

For me, CCRM defines competency, compassion, professionalism, efficiency & courtesy

Megan H. (Yelp review posted 5/21/2017)

CCRM NY, and Dr. Levine, in particular, have changed the way I think about my healthcare in general, and I will truly never be the same. The bar is permanently raised! He is the anti-paternalistic doctor to such an extent that I never could have imagined that a doctor-patient relationship could be this way. He was truly my advocate and we were partnered in my care. I felt empowered and informed throughout the process. Everything, absolutely everything, was customized to me as an individual human, from the protocols to the way we made decisions about my care. He even considered psychological and emotional effects of certain decisions, and not just treatment by the numbers and the probabilities. There was no detail that went unnoticed to him, and his nuanced care is truly a gift. It would not surprise me if he was thinking about every single patient outside of his office hours. It’s been months and I bet he can remember the minutia and every single detail of my treatment and care. The center itself, and especially the surgical wing, felt like a spa for my ovaries (literally–there were warmed blankets, spa music, plants and succulents…). I wish he could be my doctor for everything under the sun, his team could manage all of my life, and I never have to see another doctor again. I would implore him to run workshops all over the world to teach doctors how to provide care like his. I obviously cannot say enough good things about CCRM NY, and Dr. Levine. My biggest piece of advice would be to run, don’t walk, to CCRM tomorrow morning (and yes, you can likely get an appointment for tomorrow!!), and don’t even think about seeing any other doctor or clinic.

Bari K (yelp review, posted 4/17/2017)

I cannot say enough about Dr. Choi. I came to her for a 2nd opinion and all I can say is her level of service and knowledge is HEADS AND TAILS above what I have been experiencing at two top fertility centers in NYC. If you are beginning your fertility journey, I can’t tell you how lucky you are to have discovered Dr. Choi as well as the staff of CCRM. I only wish I had discovered this sooner for myself. There truly is no comparison to how well you will be treated and looked after and how comprehensive and individualized your journey will be. Truly, no comparison. I just can’t say enough about CCRM. And I so rarely write reviews. I just had to tell you, or whoever was reading this, you have found the right place.

Raffaella D. (Yelp review posted 3/9/2017)

I generally do no write reviews but I feel compelled to do this now. I have known Dr. Choi for several years. She is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, both as a medical professional and as a human being.

Dr. Choi’s medical knowledge is unmatched. She is extremely experienced and truly passionate about her work and the mission to help people build a family. She is gifted with a curious, open and inquisitive mind. No challenge is too big. She is a fighter who doesn’t surrender until all the options are evaluated and exhausted.

She is also an incredibly empathic, generous and supportive human being. During years of struggling with unexplained infertility and through many disappointments, she was my strength and my beacon. Never for a moment I felt like a number or a faceless patient or that I or my struggle didn’t matter. Nor I felt that the failure of getting and staying pregnant was for lack of great medical care or efforts on her part.

She seemed to unwaveringly believe in me as a patient, and thus helped me believe in the process and in my ability to succeed. Her support allowed me to brace for the challenges and focus on the chase of that elusive viable egg (“you only need a good one”, she would encourage me) with relative optimism and good humor.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Choi. Today, when I hold my wonderful son I know that she was instrumental in my success. And I know that I could never, never, never have done this without her and her team’s expertise and support.

I wholeheartedly recommended Dr. Choi to family members and friends because one could not hope for a better guide  in navigating the uncertain, frustrating and, at times, heartbreaking process of infertility.

David P. (yelp review, posted 5/25/2017)

At CCRM under the care of Dr. Brian Levine, you will be treated as a human and not be just a number.  At other institutions you feel like you’re just one of the masses.  They prescribe the same drug protocols and if you don’t have success, they’re going to do the same protocol again.  Because that makes sense.  With Dr. Levine he took an hour and a half to hear about the specific situation that was going on between my partner and I, and formulated a plan with a different cocktail of drugs that would allow a greater yield of eggs.  His bedside manner is second to none.  At the end of her first drug cycle with Dr. Levine, my partner yielded approximately 6x the number of mature eggs that she had at another clinic. (29v5)

Would recommend Dr. Levine and CCRM to anyone.

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