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CCRM Dallas-Fort Worth Patient Testimonials

Running a caring and even creative infertility practice

Dear Dr. Mehta,
Thank you so much for helping us through IVF, surgeries and these first weeks of pregnancy! Your dedication to your patients and running a caring and even creative infertility practice is exactly what we needed to give this process another chance and find success!

Dr. Mehta has an excellent bedside manner

Dr. Mehta & staff,
Dr. Mehta has an excellent bedside manner. She was always on time for appointments and I felt that my husband and I were in good hands under Dr. Mehta’s care. And now I have my son to thank her for!

Dr. Rink Mehta is an excellent doctor

Dr. Mehta & staff,
Dr. Rinku Mehta is an excellent doctor, with a good knowledge. She and her team were very helpful, and we are on our way in becoming parents in first trial. There lab physicians have good knowledge. You can check out their initial introductory session to get a good idea of what and how they perform.

We definitely recommend Dr. Mehta and FIRM

Dr. Mehta & staff,
Wait time is always short. Nurses are great about answering questions and calling with results in a timely manner. Office staff is friendly. Dr. Mehta is caring, knowledgeable, kind and one of the best doctors in her field. Dr. Mehta successfully helped us get pregnant with a beautiful baby girl in 2014, so it was a no brainer to return in 2016 as we wish to grow our family. We definitely recommend Dr. Mehta and FIRM to anyone who is struggling to get pregnant.

Thank you for our miracle babies!

Dr. Mehta & staff,
Thank you for our miracle babies! They made their appearance a little early, at 32-weeks but did great! They are now 6-months old and keep us very busy. We appreciate all the hard work and good wishes from your office and can never thank you enough for the support and encouraging words.
Niral and Seema Bhakta

An amazing experience

Dr. Mehta,
Thank you so much for the support and amazing care you have provided throughout the process! It has been an amazing experience and I admire your strengths as an amazing physician! Above all, I appreciate you for helping our family. I wish you continued success and blessings!
With much thanks,
– Lynch Family
P.S. Your staff are wonderful too and I thank them as well!

We are so in love

Thank you for your help and support as we were trying to get pregnant. This little boy is priceless to us. We are so in love and blessed.

– A.H.

We literally couldn’t have done it without you

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help with our pregnancy journey. We literally couldn’t have done it without you. Your job must be so emotional – you go from room to room having fun conversations with some families about successful pregnancies and then having to tell some that it has not worked. We are so thankful that we have been successful and owe that entirely to your compassion, knowledge and expertise in infertility. The journey has been long but we are so excited to be almost 14 weeks with a baby boy! Your front desk staff, nurses and embryologists were amazing and made our experience so wonderful. I am so blessed to have been referred to your office. Hopefully we will see you again in a year or two to try this all again.
With gratitude,
– Lynch Family

Dear Dr. Mehta and staff,

I called you after our daughter was born but I forgot to send you an announcement. Words cannot express what you all have done for our family. God has blessed hour hands and minds to help people accomplish their dreams of having a family. After three years of failed fertility treatments we went to Frisco. We live near Oklahoma and decided to try you out. We underwent IVF and added our beautiful baby. We already had a gorgeour daughter that God blessed us with. After the IVF we had two embryos leftover that we had frozen. We underwent an FET using the two frozen embryos and we added our third child, a beautiful baby girl.
We are so blessed and we just want to say “thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

We are done having children of our own but we do believe we will adopt in the future. We are excited to have our three children in our family, thanks to you.

Again we want to say “thank you” for helping us to accomplish the family we yearned to have. You will always have a special place in our hearts.
– B & L A.

Very pleased with all aspects of our visits

I didn’t dislike anything =) We were very pleased with all aspects of our visits and when we speak to people who have gone to other clinics it made us even more thankful that we have had the experience we did. The only thing I could think for “improvement” would be something to make the “finding out” portion of the visit more special.

Keep up the good work

I really don’t know how to go about writing what I feel at this point, but I just want to say THANK YOU! I am so grateful to you and all your staff for the good work you are doing. I know it’s your profession, but you make your patient (that’s me!) feel really reassured throughout this process.

It’s been a long and hard journey for me, but I thank God for making it possible for me to meet you and your staff at FIRM. I would like to say thank you once more to you, Nicole (who has really been exceptional), Tama, Jennifer (a special thank you and hugs to her for being understanding and having a friendly disposition), Dr. Marius Meintjes (who I never met, but was fantastic and patient to me when I spoke with him on the phone regarding some procedures I didn’t fully understand), Kim and all the nurses and staff who I met. I am grateful to you all.

Keep up the good work as you help women like me realize their dream of being mothers.

One of the finest doctors I have ever met

Choosing an RE is a difficult process… especially when you have been trying on your own for long and things just did not work in your favor. Dr. Mehta’s name popped up in the list of RE’s in the DFW area and our gut feeling pushed us to call for an appointment.

For us this place was magical… the magic for which we waited forever. Dr. Mehta is one of the finest doctors I have ever met… She is patient and at the same time suggests if you need to be aggressive with the process. Every time I see my baby dancing in the sonogram… I think of Dr.Mehta.

She has been so lucky for us… She is very professional and friendly, too. It is not just the end result that makes me like her but her overall support during the process. Thank you Dr. Mehta!! Nevertheless, I would like to thank Nicole and Amber for being so patient and understanding. In fact every one at the clinic had been very courteous. Thank you all!!

The best doctor ever

Dr. Mehta has a heart bigger than Texas. She is very involved in all aspects. Therefore, she is aware of your progress. The nurses are also great. After a few months under her care we are expecting our first baby. I would suggest her to any woman who wants a real relationship with her doctor. Also, if you do not wish to be treated like cattle, book an appointment with her today. You will not regret it. Trust me she is the best out there. She is dedicated, caring, super smart and up to date on technology.

Super doctor

Dr. Mehta is just a wonderful doc – very kind caring and great a listener. She started my Rx right away on my first apt and in 3 months I am expecting my first baby. She has great, positive attitude, never gives up and cares personally for patients on phone or in person. Great supportive staff.


I highly recommend Dr. Mehta! She is very caring and her office staff is wonderful. She actually sees me every visit and does procedures herself! There are other offices in the area where the staff does procedures or you don’t get to see the doctor. She really tailors your care to find the best solution for you.

Wonderful experience! Amazing doctor & amazing staff!!

Dr. Mehta is fabulous!!! I am over the dreaded age of 35 and my husband and I suffered a tragic loss last year at 18 weeks. Despite these challenges, after reviewing my history the first words out of Dr. Mehta’s mouth were,”You will have a baby…We will do whatever it takes, and you will have a baby.”

Dr. Mehta quickly put a plan in place and 4-5 months later we were pregnant. I am only 11 weeks at this point, and am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome, but I am optimistic. Not only did Dr. Mehta help get us to this point, but she continues to check-in on our progress. Just the other day I received a warm caring message asking how things are going and to make sure I keep her updated – even though I technically have not been a patient for past 5 weeks. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not comment on Dr. Mehta’s staff. They are amazing!! Always kind and quick to respond. I received proper attention from the nurses and felt a the staff had a sincere sense of caring for all their patients. Overall Dr. Mehta is great and this office is wonderful!!

Wonderful doctor!

Dr. Mehta is a great reproductive endocrinologist. She helped us to have a wonderful daughter and we are now pregnant with our second thanks to her. She is knowledgeable and caring. She knows her stuff and I always felt that she helped us make the decisions and didn’t just tell us what to do. I would and have recommended her several times and I will continue to do so.


Dr. Mehta and her team are amazing and kind. They are not only book smart about fertility but also compassionate about the whole process. I felt comfortable and reassured there. Dr. Mehta was our second fertility doctor in the Dallas area and she is by far the best and her team is so nice!


After having two unsuccessful tries with a previous doctor in the area we got a tip to check out Dr. Mehta. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She really took the time to understand what we needed in order for us to get pregnant. Long story short, we are pregnant and I owe Dr. Mehta and her team a great deal of gratitude. Happy Dad!

Great doctor!

Dr. Mehta is very knowledgeable and compassionate.

Wish I met her sooner

Dr. Mehta is amazing! She diagnosed my problem on the first visit and I had surgery 4 weeks later to fix the problem. Now I am home recovering. My family was so pleased with her bedside manner and soon my hubby and I will be TTC!


She is a great doctor and I now have a 20 month old daughter with her help!

A miracle doctor

Dr. Mehta is an excellent doctor. My husband and I had seen several other doctors prior to finding her. We were told by other doctors that we would never be able to carry our own children. We went to Dr. Mehta with the mindset of using a surrogate to carry our child. She believed that we could carry our own child and that there was no need for a surrogate. We were very surprised at her diagnosis due to so many others telling us that it was impossible. We believed in her as she was our last chance of hope in order to carry our own child.

We worked closely with Dr. Mehta and we are so happy to report that I am now 8 months pregnant with our miracle baby girl. This would not have been possible without the help of Dr. Mehta and her amazing staff. Dr. Mehta is caring and very supportive. Her bedside manner is fantastic. She is our miracle doctor. Thank you Dr. Mehta!!! We were truly blessed to find you.

I wish all doctors were as wonderful

I have never met a more caring doctor than Dr. Mehta. I wish all doctors were as wonderful as she is. She is very professional but in a friendly, understandable manner. She explained everything in terms I could understand and did not mind answering a dozen questions. She always walked in with a smile and made the extra effort to get to know me and my husband. I am forever grateful to Dr. Mehta, we got our twins because of her! Even when previous attempts didn’t work out, she never gave up on me. A very sweet, encouraging and determined doctor.

Dr. Mehta is AMAZING

My husband and I struggled to get pregnant for about a year. I was really nervous about doing fertility treatments but the first time I met Dr. Mehta, she made me feel so at ease. She has such great bedside manner and is so caring and understanding. She made us feel like we were her only patients (and we weren’t at all). She would spend as much time as I needed at every appointment answering every question and believe me, I had lots. She always returned my emails promptly and even called me at home numerous times when I sent her some panicked emails. It only took about 4 months and I was pregnant with TWINS!! My husband and I feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Mehta.

Great doc and staff

I have been to several doctors in the metroplex but Dr. Mehta was the only one that really seemed to listen and care. I did not feel like a number and she explained my options clearly. Her bedside manner was wonderful and the staff was excellent as well. They made me feel comfortable right away.

Excellent doctor and staff

This doctor is caring and compassionate. Dr. Mehta is an expert in her field. Her office staff is the best. I don’t want to list their names, but to be such short, young women, they sure have big hearts!

I LOVE this office

I just want to say THANK YOU for making our dreams come true. It’s a blessing to meet such wonderful people at a doctor’s office. The staff there is great. They all do a fantastic job! Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything. For once we didn’t feel like a number 🙂

Caring doctor

Dr. Mehta’s staff was very friendly from the day I first walked into the office. I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. Dr. Mehta is one of the most caring and knowledgeable doctors I have been to.

I knew I was in the right place

My husband and I struggled with infertility for 10 years. I went to many fertility physicians in my area but when I traveled from Houston to Frisco I knew I was in the right place. No other center could compare to the wonderful team that we had the pleasure of working with here. Dr. Guerami and his team are knowledgeable, trustworthy, friendly, and most of all compassionate. I really appreciate Dr. Guerami’s straight out honesty and willingness to answer any questions that I had in a way I could understand. Tama was always available whenever I called or e-mailed (even on her days off) and was able to keep me calm (despite the hormones) and reassured that everything was going according to schedule. The receptionist and financial ladies were a pleasure to speak with and were willing to go the extra mile for my every need. The surgical team added to my great experience here by checking on me every few minutes after my procedure to make sure all was going well and to make sure I (especially) was doing well. They thoroughly explained aftercare and answered all questions.

Although we were successful on our first attempt, if we had to do it over again there would be no doubt in my mind where I would go. Thank you all for being so wonderful. If you are looking for a place that truly makes miracles happen in a calm and welcoming environment, then this is the place.

Awesome Clinic

Staff is friendly and quick on their feet. Easy to set appointments. A human always answers the phone (no recordings or recorded prompts). Dr. Mehta answers all questions accurately and does not give up! Now my husband and I are expecting our first child together.

The best

I love Dr. Mehta and her staff! We tried for over 2 years on our own but no luck. Then we tried clomid for 6 months with my gynecologist, still no luck. I was referred to see Dr. Mehta and from the first visit she put me at ease and helped me understand what was going on. She saw something unusual on my sonogram and turns out it was a growth in my uterus called a polyp. She removed it surgically, which was the most easy surgery I have ever had, was back to work the next day! We then tried another medication and IUI and were pregnant within 2 tries. I am so grateful to Dr. Mehta for her kindness, diligence and expertise. All the nurses are wonderful too, especially Nicole and Tama.

Caring doctor

Dr. Mehta is such a caring doctor! I wouldn’t have my sweet little boy if it wasn’t for her due diligence.

Hands down, the best doctor and staff!

There are not enough words in this world to be able to say how incredible Dr. Mehta and her amazing staff are. From the moment you walk in the door, you are welcomed with a smile and a friendly hello. As you make your way through the facility, every staff member welcomes you with open arms. The support and love that you will get from this faculty is like no other. Being a patient of an infertility clinic can be difficult enough, but Dr. Mehta and her staff make you feel like a family member rather than a cattle call. Dr. Mehta takes the time to sit with you, does every ultrasound and is your biggest cheerleader. There truly is no other doctor like Dr. Mehta!! We are beyond blessed to have found this incredible facility. We promise, you don’t have to look any further!!!

Dr. Mehta and her team have been AMAZING!

Dr. Mehta and her team have been AMAZING! The staff is great and very personable. Always very encouraging and has given us the results we have been praying for. I would highly recommend Dr. Mehta and her team to anyone having a hard time starting a family. She really gives you the hope you need during a difficult time and gets you to your goal.

One of the best decisions my husband and I have made in our lives…

I honestly do not have words to describe how thankful I am for Dr. Mehta’s help as I had lost hope of ever becoming pregnant. I was able to conceive within a month of visiting her clinic. She is very courteous, kind, quick and resourceful. I love the staff at her clinic, they all very helpful and sweet. I would highly recommend her to anyone having difficulty conceiving.

Fabulous doctor and staff

Dr. Mehta and her staff are amazing. Everyone there is very supportive and respectful. That really helped put me at ease, especially since dealing with infertility is so sensitive. Dr. Mehta is very open and honest about the odds of conception with any given medication or procedure. She explained things well and always took time to answer questions and address concerns. She even called me herself with some test results. My husband and I were very pleased with our experience and highly recommend her.

I absolutely loved Dr. Mehta and her office staff.

I absolutely loved Dr. Mehta and her office staff. Everyone was so kind and made me feel comfortable. My most memorable experience was the first time my husband and I met with Dr. Mehta and she looked at is and said “You will get pregnant, this is a no brainer, but I just can’t promise you when.” This was great to hear! Sure enough 4 months later I was pregnant and after having bloodwork done and waiting, Dr. Mehta took the time herself to call and tell me the good news. Another great memory was when we went in for the last ultrasound before being released Dr. Mehta hugged and congratulated my husband and me. She really has a strong connection with her patients and builds a relationship so that you feel comfortable and confident in your decisions throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mehta and her staff to anyone who is having issues with fertility. She will make the entire process so much easier on you and your family. Thanks Dr. Mehta for caring so much for me individually as you do with all your patients.

The Best Doctor !!!!!

In the complicated case like mine, when there was very little hope for me to get pregnant, Dr. Rinku Mehta’s treatment worked miracles for us. With her accurate diagnosis and attention to details, she helped me to get pregnant. She was very involved from the very beginning of my treatment and was aware of my progress in each stage. She is super super smart and caring. Dr.Rinku Mehta’s staff are amazing, too. My husband and I will always be grateful and thankful to her.

Caring and very detailed

My husband & I treated with Dr. Mehta after seeing another local FS and 4 failed attempts. Our 1st attempt with Dr. Mehta was a success. She took the time to read through my records before meeting with me and was able to come up with a regimen for our IVF cycle. Though she offered no guarantees, the fact that she was so detailed & listened to what I had to say was something we did not have prior. Also, I never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen in this office. Her staff was always courtesy and so helpful. I would certainly recommend Dr. Mehta to anyone struggling with fertility issues. She is the best!

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